Imagine the grandest act of self-love in your life.

 What does it look like?

Can you close your eyes and dream big,and really picture it?

If it has anything to do with tropical breezes, finally falling in love with yourself and taking the time to acknowledge you are a rockstar goddess who has survived every single challenge life has ever thrown, we have just the gesture you need:

Restore Your Roar: a re-boot camp

An eight day, seven night transformative experience in the lush jungle of Hawaii at Kalani Oceanside Retreat.

Not only will you be gifting yourself a trip to Hawaii

(which, HEY, YES, you absolutely deserve just for being a human on this planet)

you'll also be experiencing a retreat-like experience centered around

celebrating your body and your femininity.

Restore Your Roar 2015 participants at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. (photo by Lauren Morrison)

Restore Your Roar 2015 participants at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. (photo by Lauren Morrison)

For an entire week, you'll be given tools to explore your inner goddess and step into your power. You'll be moving your body and chanting affirmations simultaneously for an endorphin-induced high that you've never experienced before.

Your week will include:

  • Daily movement and affirmation sessions with Olivia Petzy, the hilarious and spiritual healer that will bring your inner fire to the surface

  • Daily discussions on body love, emotional eating awareness, and more with Amanda Trusty, the body positive activist who has been on her own eating disorder journey

  • A trip to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park to visit Pele, the fire goddess, in all her glory, and explore the most active volcano on earth – currently showing off one of only two lava lakes that exist in the entire world

  • An optional day trip to Kona - the other side of the island where the white sand beaches and whales are prominent

  • Three delicious meals a day made on site using local ingredients

  • Gorgeous accomodations overlooking the Pacific ocean, but more importantly, that lie under a blanket of stars like you've never witnessed before

  • Open air group spaces surrounded by banana and papaya trees, hibiscus flowers, coconut palms, and fragrant breezes

  • Free time to enjoy the clothing optional 25-foot pool, sauna, spa, walking trails, spa services, or optional adventures like snorkeling and black sand beaches

  • Ecstatic Dance – a barefoot, non-verbal experience on Sunday morning where all you're required to do is move your body as it wishes to be moved to the beat of the music

  • Bringing Sexy Back – a final movement session paired with affirmations to celebrate your week, with DJ Olivia spinning tunes and burlesque and showgirl performer Amanda Trusty herself

  • And. So. Much. More.

Whether you've lost your way and all you can muster is a faint meow, or you feel that you're ready to roar but still feel like you need permission, this week in the healing Hawaiian air is for you. We're going to unleash that roar and celebrate it in ways you would have never imagined. We can't wait to meet you.